Port Arthur

Port Arthur Historic Site, 6973 Arthur Hwy, Port Arthur TAS 7182, Australia
GPS coordinates:
-43° 8' 36.2436" S
147° 51' 6.2100" E
03 6251 2310
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Time to spend:
4-7 hours
Entry fee:
from 35$ adult (16$ children)


Port Arthur is a small town and one of the first and biggest convict settlements of Australia. Port Arthur is one of most significant heritages that can reveal its past. Stay there for a whole day or more.

Port Arthur is a small town on the Tasman Peninsula, Australia. It used to be a former convict commune in Tasmania, one of the early settlements. Port Arthur is one of Australia's most noteworthy legacy areas and an open-air museum. Port Arthur is not your typical leisure holiday destination, not at all: there are secrets hiding in the shadows, mysteries that are waiting for you to solve them and, of course, lots of thrilling places to discover.

On foggy days when the mist covers the little town, there's an entirely new side of this place finally showing - an enchanting and intriguing one, full of stories that will take your breath away. Some of these stories are known for hundreds of years, hearing them feels like meeting someone from forever ago... Just follow the dim pathways and listen to a tour guide.

You will see the remains of buildings that were ruined a long time ago but they still are remembered vividly because of curious cases that occurred there. They are now a part of Port Arthur's history that exists in a form of stories about mysterious and unexplained things that were documented a lifetime ago. Almost two centuries full of tales that you won't ever forget: some of them will definitely make you shiver. Wonder why?

Port Arthur story is a story of the prison system. The old silent prison, asylum and the British Empire's first juvenile prison located at Point Puer are the sites you can visit today. Port Arthur is a town that is famous by its incredibly versatile collection of impossible things that couldn't just happen for real. Or could they? That's for you to find out.

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