Sri Venkateswara Temple

Temple Rd, Helensburgh NSW 2508, Australia
GPS coordinates:
-34° 12' 33.4645" S
150° 58' 32.8516" E
(02) 4294 3224
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Best time to go:
Hindu event or a quiet day to meditate
Time to spend:
30mins +


One of the best thing about Australia and Sydney, in particular, is that it's a real melting pot. You don't have to travel to explore different cultures, cuisine and religion, there are many places around. Sri Venkateswara Temple that is just one our driving from Sydney through a gorgeous Royal National Park is one of these places. The Hindus visit the temple to worship their Gods, but other people can go there just to get a tranquility, eat delicious Indian food or admire an incredible architecture of the temple. People are very friendly and welcoming, but please remember, this is a temple, not a tourist place, so please respect it.


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Sculptures in Sri Venkateswara Temple