Nambucca Heads

52 Wellington Dr, Nambucca Heads NSW 2448, Australia
GPS coordinates:
-30° 38' 49.2396" S
153° 0' 46.1412" E
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Time to spend:
half a day - several days


It's a great town for a relaxation retreat with great beaches and long lovely waterfront walks overlooking beautiful coast line of the ocean or Nambucca River. We visited this place as part of Central Coast and Middle North Coast exploratory trip, but this town is a great place to spend a week of vacation. The weather is lovely all year around. There is no extreme hotness in summer and it's quite mild in winter. The beaches are wonderful with soft yellow sand and plenty of space for everyone. You could choose either open ocean or nice warm water of a shallow bay. A variety of Aussie sports activities can be practised there such as golf, surfing, fishing and many others. If you haven't been to this town, visit it at least once and you would unquestionably fall in love with Nambucca Heads.

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