The Blue Mountains 3 day long weekend escape

3 days

Despite being so close to Sydney, not many Sydneysiders go there because of the busy family life. My suggestion is to plan your trip for the Labour day long weekend that is in early October. You would have 3 days to enjoy The Blue Mountains in spring, that usually creates filling of a real out of the house vacation. In additions, Leura Gardens Festival falls on this holiday as well. Staying there for 3 days you could explore The Blue Mountain area from different perspectives, exactly what I've been trying to suggest in my itinerary. The Blue Mountains are big and there are hundreds of tracks, waterfalls different activities to do, this is just one great idea for the short weekend trip.


Day 1, stop 1 — Leura Gardens

Drive to Leura for 1.5 hours. Spend a day in blooming gardens in Leura Gardens Festival. You may have a lunch in Everglades Historic House & Gardens. True Aussie hot-dogs and a lovely atmosphere are always there during the festival.

Leura Gardens Festival in Blue Mountains
Leura, NSW

Surprisingly, not many people are aware of this festival. All knows that the Blue Mountains are beautiful in springs, but they don't know an appropriate time to visit. Such a pity especially for Sydney habitants. Of course, the begging of October that falls on Leura Gardens Festival is the best. ...

Day 1, stop 2 — Night stay

Pre-book you place to stay for 3 days in advance. My suggestion is well in advance due to high demand in this season.

Day 2, stop 1 — Jenolan Caves

Drive for a bit more than one hour to Jenolan. Spend a day in this area. Take a cave tour, do a short walking tracks, explore the area. On the way back do a couple of picturesque The Blue Mountains lookout stops especially pretty on the sunset.

Govetts Leap lookout
Blackheath, NSW

It's one of the most picturesque The Blue Mountains lookouts, although, not many people know about it. A well known classical panoramic The Blue Mountains view can be shot here. There are nothing to tell, just come and see this beauty, no pictures can visualize this.

Jenolan Caves
Jenolan, NSW

Talking about Blue Mountains escapes for a long weekend, I always remember about Jenolan Caves. They are 3 hours drive from Sydney and you won't go there, probably, for a day. It's always better to plan a longer stay in The West of the Blue Mountains and spend at least ...

Day 2, stop 2 — Evening in The Blue Mountains

Have an evening BBQ with your family or friends if your accommodation allows this. Or have a nice country dinner in one of the Katoomba's cafes.

Day 3, stop 1 — Grand Canyon track

Of course the trip to The Blue Mountains is nothing without at least one bushwalking track. If you are not a fan of Aussie bushwalking and don't know much, there are a few classical tracks I could suggest you. All are moderate difficulty and are 2-4 hours long. Or simply ask for a recommendation at an information centre.

Grand Canyon track, The Blue Mountains
Blackheath, NSW

The Blue Mountains are the kind of natural attraction that creates many questions among people. Why are they called Blue if they are not actually blue? Why are they even called mountains if they don't look like mountains? Grand Canyon in The Blue Mountains? "???" This type of reaction I ...

Day 3, stop 2 — Go home

Time to go home and prepare for a next working week.