Tasmania 4 day long weekend escape

4 days

Launceston - East and South coast - Hobart - Centre Tasmania - Launceston. This trip is a circle, so you can start it from any city on the way. If you fly to Tasmania, it can be either Hobart or Launceston. We did it from Launceston airport, but the city itself is not included in the trip. I adore circles itinerary, as you only cover new points, nothing is repeated. This trip is a wonderful way to discover Tasmania's history, nature and city life. Start your trip early in the morning.


Day 1, stop 1 — Cambeltown

Right from the Launceston airport, drive to Campbelltown 55km (0:40 mins drive) and have some breakfast while there. Do not forget to buy something to drink and eat for lunch as it will be a picnic.

Campbell town
Campbell Town, Australia

It's a lovely small city to stay for a break of a couple hours or more to enjoy a nice meal. It has some old town charm and a feeling of an easy and quiet life. It has a very good bakery Banjo's Bakery Cafe, which I personally recommend if ...

Day 1, stop 2 — Freycinent Park

Drive to the park for around 2 hours (115km). Buy an entry ticket for the car in the information centre and start your track.

Wineglass Bay lookout in Freycinet park
Tasmania, Australia

Wonderful park that demonstrates the power of nature. This is quite a remote but popular area due to its beauty. However, you won't find many people here. The track to the lookout is pretty short one (only 1.5 km), but a lot of climbing is included. There are several tracks ...

Hazards Beach Circuit in Freycinet park
Coles Bay, Australia

Wonderful park that demonstrates the power of nature. This is quite a remote but popular area due to its beauty. However, you won't find many people here. It's also not an easy one. If you don't have time and if it's not your full day stop, do half of the ...

Day 1, stop 3 — Coles Bay exploring

When driving back from the park, there are so many pretty spots to stop the car and just enjoy and take pictures, like this one.

Coles Bay
Coles Bay, Australia

On the way back from park, enjoy the drive and the early sunset panoramas around.

Day 1, stop 4 — Tasman drive lookout

The day we were doing that trip was rich for not repeated sunsets. This lookout just looked so amazing under a magnetic sunset light.

Tasman Drive lookout
Swansea, Australia

Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact place of this lookout. It was somewhere on Tasman Drive. The view was so amazing that I could say that it was one of the best sunsets I ever saw. I wish everyone could see that kind of amazing view in this place. Definitely ...

Day 1, stop 5 — Drive to Orford

By this time, you will be pleasantly tired and it's a good time to have overnight stop. Tasmania is one of few places where the convict era has left its signs and you can feel the history. I do really recommend staying in one of the convict areas. There are a large variety of convict hotels and houses over the island. Choose one of the closest towns, but don't forget to book or contact the host in advance. Our choice was Orford.

Orford town
Orford, Australia

Lovely small town to stay in the convict house and enjoy the evening/morning talk with locals. If you decide to do a longer stop, there are some activities you can do too. Check out our stay choice in more links.

Day 2, stop 1 — Port Arthur

Some people underestimate the interest of that place and simply go there for a couple hours. Go there for the whole day and discover the rich history with mysterious old stories. Enjoy family activities and excursions.

Port Arthur
Port Arthur, Australia

Port Arthur is a small town and one of the first and biggest convict settlements of Australia. Port Arthur is one of most significant heritages that can reveal its past. Stay there for a whole day or more.

Port Arthur is a small town on the Tasman Peninsula, Australia. It ...

Day 2, stop 2 — Overnight stay

It's time to have nice dinner and have a rest. Stay in Tasman peninsula or drive to Hobart. Always check for places to stay in advance. We spent only half a day in Hobart, but it's a short 3 days circle trip. Stay more if can or come a separate trip, as there is so much to do.

Day 3, stop 1 — Salamanca Market

Start a new fresh day in Hobart. There are too many things to do to fit one day. It's a great city to stay for longer, but if you have one day select the best to discover the city. Here are a couple of options.

Salamanca Market
Battery Point, Australia

What can open the local culture and lifestyle the best? Local markets of course! Local food products, crafts and chat with friendly people to create a perfect start to the day and sweet memories about Hobart. Don't forget to have a look to art shops and galleries on Salamanca Place.

Day 3, stop 2 — Time to have a bite

Jackman and Mcross Bakery
Battery Point, Australia

Not sure if it is the best and the oldest bakery in Hobart, but it looks like it. Have some tea on a cold Tasmanian day with a fresh and crispy pastry or cake of your choice.

Day 3, stop 3 — Walk around at Battery Point

Battery Point one of the oldest part of Hobart; it feels the charm of the city.

Day 3, stop 4 — Mount Wellington

I wouldn't personally go there again, but it's a place where you can see almost the whole of Hobart and surroundings. It's a long drive and you need to check the weather before, as bad weather could happen, meaning you won't see anything.

Mount Wellington
Wellington Park, Australia

See the whole Hobart from more than 1000m high. Nice place to spend some spare time, but check the weather first. If it's a rainy or foggy day, do not go to the mountain. Its' a long drive, but you won't see anything.

Day 3, stop 5 — Drive from Hobart to Richmond

Have some lunch in Hobart and then it's time to explore new small towns full of history treasures.

Richmond village
Richmond, Australia

There is so much to do in this city and it's so pretty that I would definitely come back. One day won't be enough! However in our discovery mode, go to Bridge street. There are a lot of interesting small craft shops and local entertainments such as Old town model ...

Day 3, stop 6 — Drive to Oatland

The drive around 40 mins (55km) to Oatland. There is no much to do, but at least one site is a must see.

Callington Mill in Oatlands
Oatlands, Australia

It's an old mill that is still functioning. Look exactly at how the mill can be imagined while listening to children's fairy tales. Take a short tour around if you are interested in technology and history. It's a working Georgian windmill built in 1837 that keeps its authentic outlook. The ...

Day 3, stop 7 — Drive to Ross

Our last stop to have a rest and enjoy Tasmania is a tiny and charming convict village. This place is just amazing in autumn. The perfect stop to complete our Tasmania 3 day trip.

Ross village
Ross, Australia

This pretty riverside village is a place to enjoy the peaceful life. Such a pretty place to take pictures and relax. Again, this is a chance to feel old times and stay in a stony convict house with an open fire. Nice atmosphere if you travel in cold season. We ...

Day 3, stop 8 — Launceston airport

Yeah, it's the end and time to go back. Early morning drive to the airport to drop the car and fly home. See you, beautiful and charming Tasmania :)