Hot Water Beach

31-45 Pye Pl., Hot Water Beach 3591, New Zealand
GPS coordinates:
-36° 53' 9.0456" S
175° 49' 21.1152" E
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Best time to go:
Low tide only
Time to spend:
2-3 hours


Come here from mid-autumn - mid spring to avoid the crowded. In summer time come here in early morning low tide. Check low tide hours before visiting. Come 1-2 hours in advance to have time to dig a pool and relax. Use spades to create your own spa area. They might be rented for 5$ in the shop that is just opposite the beach parking area.


This place is a hidden gem. As we found out not even all New Zealanders know about it. This beach is so different to all other beaches I've ever seen. In the first glimpse, you might think that you come to the ordinary beach, but be prepared and come here in the right time. Do your homework and check low tide time first (see related links below). This is a wonder that just must be experienced once you are in New Zealand North island.

Hot water beach is located in Coromandel Peninsula. To get there, you need to drive though beautiful Coromandel Forest Park if you are coming from Auckland or Hamilton side. Once you are there, walk about 1-3 minutes from the parking spot just to the first off-shore rocks. Here hot natural springs are starting coming very close. If you look over the horizon, you would also see how steam rises from the sand (check it in "More images"). This is amazing!

Hot volcanic springs come very close to the beach surface so that on the low tide people can dig holes and this hot water will come to fill temporary created pool with nicely warm thermal water. In some places, it might be so hot, that you need to mix it with ocean water. Soaking in this hot custom (hand-crafted) pool creates incredible relaxing feeling especially in winter.

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Coromandel peninsula drive Drive to Hot Water Beach Sunset on Hot Water Beach Boiling water in the handcraft pool in Hot Water Beach Spade in the sand, Hot Water Beach