Cherry Blossom Festival in Auburn Botanical Gardens

98 Chiswick Rd, Auburn NSW 2144, Australia
GPS coordinates:
-33° 51' 38.6352" S
151° 0' 58.4856" E
02 9735 1222
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Time to spend:
1-3 hours
Entry fee:
free for locals, $5 for others


Trees do not blossom as the festival is planned. Check the current weather and current year tree blooming state, go to this garden a day before or after the festival and enjoy it on your own. Some car parking is available, but there are also free shuttles from the train station during the festival.


Japanese sakura in bloom is well known for its beauty all in Japanese culture: songs, movies and poetry. It is very pretty, but not in this festival. It has nothing to do with real Japanese culture.

Every end of August Auburn Botanical Gardens is organising sakura blossom festival. That, I guess, supposes to celebrate the beauty of the Japanese trees and culture. So when I went there I expected to get this. I have to warn you to not get cached. All you can experience there is the crowd, the crowd and the crowd. There are a few cherry trees, but just a few and thousands of people walking in a slow pace flow to get to and from the tiny garden. You cannot really enjoy anything under these circumstances. Also, it would be nice to have several Japanese food tables, possibly some dances and other activities. There was a try to organise something, but it would be probably enough for a hundred of people, not thousands. The place for this festival is obviously too small to host and entertain all visitors.

Sorry, I'm always trying to be positive and see only the best around me, but not in this place.


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Sakura blossom Cosplay and kimono at Cherry Blossom Festival Auburn Botanic Gardens