Leura Gardens Festival in Blue Mountains

37 Everglades Avenue, Leura NSW 2780, Australia
GPS coordinates:
-33° 43' 17.4468" S
150° 20' 14.4852" E
0431 095 279
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Best time to go:
check the dates of the festival, usually it falls on long weekend in Labour day
Time to spend:
from 1 hour to couple days
Entry fee:
$25 pp to all gardens, $5 pp to one garden


It's spring in the Blue Mountains plus a long weekend, book your stay in advance and come to a couple of days to avoid the rush. If you want a complete peace, visit gardens during working days, weekends would be always busy.


Surprisingly, not many people are aware of this festival. All knows that the Blue Mountains are beautiful in springs, but they don't know an appropriate time to visit. Such a pity especially for Sydney habitants. Of course, the begging of October that falls on Leura Gardens Festival is the best. This is a unique chance to walk in some private gardens that are open for public just for a few days. Pick up some ideas for your backyard or just enjoy blooming beauty of azaleas, dogwoods, rhododendrons, camellias and other cool climate exotics with gorgeous mountains background.

There are small private gardens and big public gardens with music, cafe and picnic options. Plan a day to visit each of them. You could buy either a path to all gardens (btw no need to visit them all in one day) or select several ones and go only there (pay for the single entry). I hope some pictures from the previous years will inspire you to plan your next Leura Gardens Festival visit.

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Yellow Orchid Azalea, Blue Mountains Blooming tree in Blue Mountains Art in Leura gardens Azalea shrub Cicada shell Everglades garden Japanese maple, Blue Mountains Leura gardens Magnolia Tree, Leura Gardens Festival Pink blooming shrub in Leura gardens Pool in Everglades Garden, Leura Waratah Telopea