Sand dunes in Port Stephens

73 James Paterson Street, Anna Bay NSW 2316, Australia
GPS coordinates:
-32° 46' 59.3796" S
152° 4' 39.1440" E
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Time to spend:
4+ hours


Plan to stay there at least half of the day.

Avoid rainy days or days after rains, the sand won't be nice and sandboarding won't be possible.

4WD car would extend the range of activities you could do there.


Australia is a pretty much the country that could offer all possible activities and nature attractions. Want skiing? Go to Snowy Mountains or Tasmania. Want SCUBA diving? All along the Australian coast. Want to see the real sandy dunes? Of course Australia has deserts, someone could answer. But not only, there are places like sand dunes beach in Worimi National Park. Two and half hours driving from Sydney and you will be in a desert like but a coastal place. It's not only a beautiful place to have a walk and to get African feeling, but this place offers many great fun activities as well. Try here 4WD tours or self-drive along the beach, sandboarding, quad biking, horse & camel rides, surfing, swimming and more. There are 40-metre sand slopes for sandboarding that is so much fun. There is also mysterious looking Sygna shipwreck that is accessible by 4WD only, as it's a bit far from the entry (about 25 km). Unfortunately, I underestimated this sensational place and planned only short time there, but you definitely I have to go there for at least half a day.

Sometimes I hear phrases like "Australia is all the same, pretty, but the same". This park and this beach proves that is not true. This land is rich on varieties of natural attractions, just look to everything from another side ;)

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