Spa and thermal hot pools in Rotorua

Polynesian Spa, Hinemoa St., Rotorua 3010, New Zealand
GPS coordinates:
-38° 8' 16.3428" S
176° 15' 28.7820" E
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Time to spend:
1-3 hours
Entry fee:
NZ$ 20.00+


Please consult a doctor before taking any thermal bath. It doesn't go well for all people. Even if you pay by entry, not by hours in some places, limit yourself. Long hot thermal baths could be bad for health. Check packages, prices in advance as there might be some specials. Book spa procedures in advance online or by phone.


Swimming in hot thermal pools, having mud bath or spa experience is the number one thing to do in Rotorua. This what you have to go for. Rotorua area has unique hot water springs with sulphurous geothermal water that are very good for health and have a positive effect in health improvement. Rotorua mud is rich on minerals that are great for your skin as well. Go there at least for an hour to indulge yourself, get an absolute relaxation and improve your skin and well-being.

There are several popular Spa places in Rotorua. Most famous are Polynesian Spa, Spa at QE, Hells Gate and others that you could find on the Internet. I personally visited two of them.

Polynesian Spa was named one of the top 10 spa in the world and I could not disagree with this. The place is amazing and has many options. Family pools, lakes, private pools, adult only area. So many options and they work till late 23:00. When you buy a ticket to one area, you get access to several pools with different types and temperature of water (in average from 37C to 42C), so you always find something suitable for yourself. After long tiring but exciting day, it's exactly what you need. We like Polynesian Spa so much, that we went there several evenings in the row.

Spa at QE has good prices and procedures, but they definitely require some renovation. Although, they mud bath is clean and prepared only once especially for you. Other places might change it once a week. This is what I heard from locals.

Please note, that there are free open hot springs in Rotorua like Kerosene Creek. But there are many resources on the Internet that tell it's not a safe area. Also, local people confirmed this and dissuaded to go there. There were cases of car robberies and stealing.

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Adult pools in Polynesian Spa, Rotorua Spa at QE