Waimangu Volcanic Valley

587 Waimangu Rd., Rotorua 3043, New Zealand
GPS coordinates:
-38° 17' 6.4248" S
176° 23' 10.1364" E
+64 7366 6137
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Best time to go:
Anytime during daylight
Time to spend:
2-4 hours
Entry fee:
From NZ$ 36.00 - adult, NZ$ 12.00 - child


Prepare for 2-3-hour hiking if you choose a self-guided tour. Check bus table for shuttles, as they do not go very often.


Waimangu, that means 'black water' from Maori language, used to be famous for its most powerful mud geyser in the word. After the Tarawera eruption in 1886, this geyser started destroying and extinct in 1904. However, this valley holds consequences of that event and is a great place for volcanic eruption exploration.

You can manage your walk by your abilities. You will walk along the track and will return by a bus at the end of it. You don't need to do whole track and can finish it at any of the 3 stops on the trail (Check the shuttle bus table).

You will see 3 marvelous craters: the blue-green Inferno Crater, huge steaming Frying Pan Lake and peacefully sleeping Southern Crater Lake. You will also see other unique formations such as Warbrick Terrace, that might be a kind of sibling to the great extinct Pink and White terraces, boiling thermal water springs running into hot rivers and much more.

Some people get disappointed after visiting this place, but this is because they do not pay attention to the word 'valley'. It's not a tiny touristic attraction when you can see everything in one small place, it's nature and it's wide and broad. Also, some people say that visiting any other hot water spring attraction such as Te Puia or Wai-O-Tapu is enough and they are all the same. That is not true. If you want to understand the nature and see how real craters look nowadays, if you want to observe they wideness and magic of their structure, come to this valley and do self-guided track.

The valley centre also suggests boat tours and packages. Check them in the information centre.

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