Rotorua city walk via Lakefront walk, Sulfur point, Government Gardens and the Rotorua Museum

Lakefront Dr., Ohinemutu, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand
GPS coordinates:
-38° 7' 50.9376" S
176° 15' 10.5876" E
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Time to spend:
1-4 hours


Plan your walk trail in advance and see the map. (Check official site link)


Rotorua has a great big 26km walk covering many great places around. I'm suggesting a short part in the city as part of your trip to see Rotorua center and Rotorua lake beauty. We had very limited time and didn't do whole walk as we underestimated it. It's really pretty and is not monotonous at all. Start your walk from the roundabout on Lakefront Dr. and go along the lake toward the city. On your way, you will see lake birds, Te Arawa Waka Taua - an incredible hand build Maori war vessel, see the pretty views of Rotorua lake, Sulfur point, Government Gardens blooming even in winter and the marvelous Rotorua Museum, Rachel spring that is the thermal water source for some spa.. I would strongly recommend to give it more time and cover both parts Lakefront walkway and Motutara. Check the official site link and find the brochure for the walk to organize it properly in your way.

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Rotorua lake walk Rotorua museum Lakefront walk, Rotorua Rachel Spring, Rotorua Sulfur Point, Rotorua Swans in Rotorua lake Te Arawa Waka Taua - Maori war vessel