Wedding Cake Rock track

69 Beachcomber Ave., Bundeena NSW 2230, Australia
GPS coordinates:
-34° 6' 33.8652" S
151° 9' 7.7220" E
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Time to spend:
0,5-3 hours depending how far you would go
Entry fee:
$11 per vehicle


Best time to go is any time of the year, but recommended late June - July to see whales. Do not go after rainy days, the track will be slippery and muddy.


It's a lovely short coastal walk in one of the best parks around Sydney. Royal National Park can offer a lot for people with different interests. This one, in particular, is for those who want to see whales (winter time), enjoy the cliffs, relax in a secluded ocean facing place or see a nature wonder formation such as Wedding Cake rock.

There are many spots to see migrating whales on their way. I personally tried a couple of them around Australia and found Bundeena whale watching spot - the Balconies in Royal National Park is quite good. There is a lot of room for everyone, quite flat and safe platform, although it's not fenced, and it's a really good spot to see whales pretty close without paying for useless "whale watching tours". Just don't forget to bright your binoculars.

Go along the easy walking track to the next pretty Water-run (WatterRun) spot where the fresh water stream runs into the ocean. Here you could have a stop, sit or lie and watch the beauty of the ocean combining with a slightly eroded cliff. I love this spot as in non event day (no whales or Hobart race watching) there are almost no people.

Just walk 5-7 minutes more and you will be at the magnificent piece of art baked by nature - Wedding Cake rock. Unfortunately, this absolutely flat white rock protruding above the ocean is endangered. Too many people started going and doing crazy things like jumping on the unstable thin rock. Some people do not value things and did an act of vandalism there as well. The rock is closed and people could not step on it anymore, but we still have time to see it and be impressed before it cracks completely and falls forever into deep dark water. Also, a viewing platform will be constructed soon.

Enjoy your walk and please save our planet. Don't litter and follow track instructions :)

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