Wonga Walk in Dorrigo Rainforest

Lyrebird Ln, Dorrigo Mountain NSW 2453, Australia
GPS coordinates:
-30° 22' 1.9985" S
152° 43' 38.8409" E
(02) 6657 2309
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Time to spend:
3-4 hours
Entry fee:
Park entry fee may apply (7-11$ per car)


There are a few lovely up to half a day tracks in Dorrigo Rainforest. Most of them start from Dorrigo Rainforest Centre or Never Never picnic area. This one, in particular, is 2.5-3.5 hours (6.6. km) walk starting from the first one of The Glade Picnic Area. You also can do just a part of the track (check the map in More link). This track is great opportunity to reveal the beauty of the rainforest with its old subtropical trees, creeks and waterfalls. Probably, the most amazing part of the track is Crystal Shower Falls. Falling water creates a unique impression like you are standing behind the natural water veil. There are many waterfalls in the world with names like "Bridal veil" or similar, but this small one creates a real impression of the veil. Also, check out a great view of Tristania Falls.

It's a great rainforest trail that I really recommend to do.

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Dorrigo Wonga track Dorrigo Tristania Falls Wonga walk view, Dorrigo National Park Crystal Shower Falls in Dorrigo National Park Dorrigo rainforest Subtropical plants in Dorrigo rainforest Old trees in Dorrigo National Park

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