Cherry picking

7 Melrose Dr, Raglan NSW 2795, Australia
GPS coordinates:
-33° 24' 47.5704" S
149° 39' 43.9668" E
0402 588 475
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Best time to go:
Cherry season. Late November - December
Time to spend:
1-2 hours


Check cherry picking season and times. Also call in advance to a farm to check availability and opening times. The farm that I'm recommending is added to the website links, but you could drive into the nearest Information centre and ask which farms are opened this season. Please note, most of the farms are opened Saturday only. Usually, there are a lot of flys, be prepared. You could go by car, also there are organised bus tours from the city.


There is a common mistake people think self-picking farms will save you money on fruits, vegetables and berries. It's not about saving, it's about fun and entertaining. Do something different than just going to the nearest grocery and buying what you need. When I tell that we went to some farm to pick own fruits, the first question I hear is "How much did you pay per kilo?". On travelling 300km away, spending a whole day of your time and paying just a few dollars less for berries you won't save a lot, but you will definitely get a lot in return if you know how to enjoy the life.

I'm always trying to go to farms like these, although you need a whole day, as most of the farms are too far from cities. As for the NSW regions, there are 2 areas rich in cherries - Bathurst area (3 hours drive from Sydney) and Young area (4 hours drive from Sydney). I visited the first one, in particular, George and Sue's Country Farm Produce, as it is closer, but people say that Young farms are a bit cheaper. So, usually, what happens you come in, then you are welcomed by owners and can go for a walk and start picking. While picking you could eat as many cherries as you want for free, but please be careful, do not overeat. The interesting thing is that at the beginning cherries from different trees taste differently, but by the end, we didn't see any difference :).

Also, it's not only about cherries, you could buy some other jams and can products made from local vegetables and fruits. Most of the farms have picnic areas, some farm animals so that children are not bored.

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