North Brother summit at Dooragan National Park
North Brother, NSW

This place must be just called "Wow". North Brother summit has an absolutely breathtaking view to the shore. It's an excellent place to have a picnic on the hill overlooking stunning panoramas of Queens Lake, North Haven and coastal villages. I wish I could just sit and look like this ...

Dorrigo Skywalk lookout
Dorrigo, NSW

Is a wonderful lookout overviewing Dorrigo rainforest. If you don't have time to do a track in this national park, have a quick stop for at least 20 minutes and do a free short skywalk above the trees. The view is amazing here. There is a lovely Canopy cafe right ...

Govetts Leap lookout
Blackheath, NSW

It's one of the most picturesque The Blue Mountains lookouts, although, not many people know about it. A well known classical panoramic The Blue Mountains view can be shot here. There are nothing to tell, just come and see this beauty, no pictures can visualize this.

Gan Gan lookout
Nelson Bay, Australia

It's a nice spot where you can see all around Port Stephens from the height of above 160m. What I like about this place is that it's very close. You don't need to drive for hours upon a windy road to get a nice view. It's so close, just 5 ...

Wineglass Bay lookout in Freycinet park
Tasmania, Australia

Wonderful park that demonstrates the power of nature. This is quite a remote but popular area due to its beauty. However, you won't find many people here. The track to the lookout is pretty short one (only 1.5 km), but a lot of climbing is included. There are several tracks ...

Mount Wellington
Wellington Park, Australia

See the whole Hobart from more than 1000m high. Nice place to spend some spare time, but check the weather first. If it's a rainy or foggy day, do not go to the mountain. Its' a long drive, but you won't see anything.

Tasman Drive lookout
Swansea, Australia

Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact place of this lookout. It was somewhere on Tasman Drive. The view was so amazing that I could say that it was one of the best sunsets I ever saw. I wish everyone could see that kind of amazing view in this place. Definitely ...