Bathurst Arts Trail

Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia
GPS coordinates:
-33° 25' 3.5504" S
149° 34' 51.7130" E
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Best time to go:
only first weekend of every month
Time to spend:
half a day - one day


Pick up several artists and types of art (canvas painting, sculpture, photography, etc.) you prefer to see or to buy and visit their galleries. Check opening time and days online in advance.


Many Bathurst town and countryside artists are opening their home studios and galleries for visitors only the first weekend of every month. If you like art, Bathurst Arts Trail is a great opportunity to see and to buy original pieces of art for a reasonable price from great local Australian artists. I would like to emphasise words original, great and reasonable price. Art is quite an expensive thing, but many people want to observe it in their walls. Unfortunately, nowadays many artists tend to sell printed copies. As a person who does a few artworks, I could clearly understand why. The artists spend so much time and materials to create one piece so that the final price is too high and most people cannot afford originals. Especially when it comes to artists with big names. However, that doesn't mean you cannot afford great artwork. Bathurst artists can offer a huge variety of wonderful original works for a very reasonable price. Bathurst art galleries were a real discovery for me. So many great artists live there and so many amazing works to admire and to buy. I will definitely come to visit them again.

If you are not so much in art or don't have any clue about it, isn't it the time to get closer? ;) This is a great opportunity to meet artists in person and talk. You could understand art better, as it's not a deaf canvas in a shop or a museum, artists could tell you the meaning and emotions they put into their pictures. It's always cosier when there is a clear story behind. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet locals and get closer to the world of art. Special thank you to Bruce and Barbara Homes, Jane Patterson who I was lucky to meet in person. Great artists with amazing talent and way of world interpretation :)

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