Tamaki Maori Village

1220 Hinemaru Street, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand
GPS coordinates:
-38° 8' 12.9156" S
176° 15' 20.1024" E
+64 7346 2823
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Time to spend:
3 hours
Entry fee:
NZ$ 110.00 - adult, NZ$ 60.00 - child


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Kia Ora! Tamaki Maori Village and their show are a great way to get to know Maori culture closer. Some people say it's a fake, but what do you expect? Of course Maori, people do not leave in tribes anymore, but the whole evening is a great presentation of their past life, language, habits and cuisine. It was a 3-hour unforgettable journey into the heart of Maori Culture. We were witnesses of their customs, homes, games and the way they greet someone and decide if you are an enemy or a friend. The bus took us from the head office and delivered to the entrance of Maori village. It all started as a quite evening, many people and I was full of uncertainty what to expect from this attraction. The introduction performance was great, our chiefs introduced themselves to Maori people and we were allowed to enter the village. What I liked about this attraction is that visitors could participate in different parts of Maori show. You won't be bored here. I personally took part in different games, heard lots of stories about Maori warriors and ancient traditions. We were a part of their ceremonial rituals, saw cultural performances with songs and dances. At the end of our cultural journey, we tried their traditional food cooked on the hot stones in a deep hole. Unusual and yummy!

On the way back from the village, we were singing different songs in the bus. The atmosphere was full of happiness and pleasure.

It was an experience that would be hardly ever forgotten. Do not miss a chance to be in the heart of breathtaking Maori culture. You won't get the taste of the country without meeting local people and a short introduction of culture and history. This type of attraction is "must visit".

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