North Brother summit at Dooragan National Park

Captain Cook Bicentenary Rd, North Brother NSW 2443, Australia
GPS coordinates:
-31° 39' 23.2884" S
152° 46' 35.8644" E
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Time to spend:
0.5-2 hours


A great place to have a small picnic here. Please take all your garbage with you back. Thank you.


This place must be just called "Wow". North Brother summit has an absolutely breathtaking view to the shore. It's an excellent place to have a picnic on the hill overlooking stunning panoramas of Queens Lake, North Haven and coastal villages. I wish I could just sit and look like this more often. It's an absolute relaxation place. Dooragan National Park may also offer some walking tracks. Including just 30 minutes Rainforest loop. Some days you may observe hang gliding as well.


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