Cathedral Cove

111 Grange Rd S, Hahei 3591, New Zealand
GPS coordinates:
-36° 50' 1.1616" S
175° 47' 56.6952" E
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Time to spend:
2-5 hours


The track to the cove is pretty short, just 30-40 minutes one way from the car park at the end of Grange Road in Hahei, but plan some time to stay in this gorgeous place.


I love coves. It's like the nature created a corner where you can feel safe and away from everything. The Cathedral Cove in New Zealand North island is one of the most beautiful I've seen. I regret that I didn't plan enough time to stay there. Naturally formed a rock arch reminds the Cathedral - a key photographic and observation attraction of this place. However, this is not the only thing there. This arch is like a gate between two different secluded caves with white sand and stunning ocean view. It's a wonderful place to spend at least half a day either meditating while looking at big rising rocks from the ocean bed (like Te Hoho) or swimming and playing with your family or friend.

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Track to Cathedral Cove Cathedral Cove beach Cathedral Cove view Te Hoho Rock Sphinx Rock near Cathedral Cove