Marokopa Falls

2856 Te Anga Rd., Te Anga 3988, New Zealand
GPS coordinates:
-38° 15' 28.2456" S
174° 51' 39.2616" E
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Time to spend:
30 minutes


Don't forget to take a tripod for long exposure waterfall photos. Find the track map in the official website link.


Marokopa falls near Waitomo are very picturesque and must see once you are in this region. It's 30m high waterfall well known for its beauty and fresh water. This is one of the most beautiful and spectacular that I've seen so far. Again, we were not very lucky with weather in New Zealand and it was raining, but even in such a day it was a pleasure to have a short 15 minutes walk to the falls and enjoy its power and beauty.The road drive from Waitomo to the falls is also very scenic. You won't see this kind of pretty valley views by driving on the main roads. Check amazing pictures below and don't forget to add Marokopa falls and river to your trip ;)

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